Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Cateagle 2007-10-25

I'd seen that and figured that, since Hermione had seen it, there'd likely be something said/done about it. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that the combined magics from the two marriages is going to be a might much for the bindings to handle and once they're gone, whoever put them there (my culprit is Dumbledore - feel fee to bitchslap the meddling idiot all you want) is going to find themselves right surprised when they disappear. I do wonder if a similar binding is part of Neville's problems? If so, I can see potential there for a very powerful ally (or allies) for the New Trio.

Oh, I'm also looking forward to Draco vs. the New Trio; it should be something of a "turkey shoot".

Author's response

Hermione has it on her list of things to talk about just as soon as their life settles down a little bit... It has been a rough 3 weeks after all...

Good guess on Nev btw...