Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Teresa 2007-10-26

Excellent chapter! Hmmmmm..... I wonder if those portions are a darker, shorter version of that bonding contract. Ron and Ginny's reactions seem like a twisted pararell to Daphne's growing awareness of Harry and Hermione. That link within the three of them might begin with a sense of understanding and connection but it could have other effects as well. By the by, were there any media witnesses to Harry's confrontation with Dumbles? Not Skeeter, but a reporter capable of honestly telling the truth of that little meeting? After all, it couldn't do Dumbles' rep any good to be known as the " Pimp of Hogwarts ". Anyway, thanks for writing a very interesting story, and I look forward to the confrontations, and hope that Harry, his wives, and both sets of in laws get assorted chances to dish out payback. Why, I can see the in laws bonding over the stomping of dear Ron in paticular. On the whole, Ron might be better off dealing with the fathers in law then the mothers in law..... but not by much.

Author's response

The new link with Daphne is having other effects indeed. Harry's magic is affecting her, Daphne's is affecting him...

In fact here was a reported at the confrontation... also one who didn't need to be there.

I haven't scripted it yet, but I'm planning a meeting between Andy Granger and Young master Weasley... The meeting I'm desperately trying to bring about is Molly and Anne...