Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) PerfesserN 2007-10-27

Excellent chapter, as usual! As I understand the marriage contract, Harry's magic and persona is affecting Daphne, and to a lesser degree vice-versa. I would like to think that Daphne's Slytherin side will give Harry the edge he needs to well and truly bitch-slap Dumbledore along with a few Weasels.
Draco Malfoy will be about as annoying as a pimple on a mosquitoes butt.

Author's response

Yes to both points on the Contract. In addition, Daphne's magic has affected Harry in ways no one has realized, but Daphne has commented on...

How's that for cryptic?

Draco is not going to be a major player, true, but he IS going to be very unhappy.