Review for Here Is Your Verse

Here Is Your Verse

(#) pyrotechnicist 2007-10-27

just may post the end? yes ur right - u r evil
and thanx for the floppy haired boys - gotta love em :P
how do i top that?
this chapter was awesome
my heart just burst it was so sweet and romantic
i couldnt stop smiling about pete and the stereo - "Say Anything" much?
good- tyson's gone and everything is back the way it should be...
boys in tight pants with eyeliner, a tim-tam genie, and starbucks macchiatos for those wonderfully talented and awesome authors who past the last chapters of their sequels for their devoted hangy-ony fans :P
haha yes i know im a suck-up
but then its like my second last review - im allowed to go overboard :P