Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) banner 2007-10-30

I just found this story, and it's a lot of fun. Thank you for dropping the recap of the previous chapters - although I usually simply skip that part. I love this view of Harry and our heros. I like smart savvy people. (More Luna, please!) Great job with the marriage contract's effect on Daphne; that is a perfectly logical way to make sure that an arranged marriage works, at least long enough to produce children. How are the newlyweds going to handle the rooming situation at Horwarts?

Author's response

A lot of people complained about the recaps... I always liked them, but if the people don't, so be it...

Smart is good. Also sexy in women. Guys not so much. There will be much more Luna, but how she ends up is a mystery... Originally she was supposed to be in the Daphne slot, but I just couldn't fit her into a mold that would care all that much if pure blood culture dies out, and that being one of my major plot motivations I had to move on to another pureblood...

As far as Married quarters. Given that Hogwarts has been co-educational for more than 1000 years, and the age groups we're talking about (11-18) during the majority of the schools existance, there would be nothing unusual about student's being married, somewhere, having fallen into disuse due to changing social mores, the castle has married student quarters. Including those intended for multiple partners.

Dumbles is going to be royally pissed about having to cough one up, but they're there.