Review for Stop. Rewind. Replay

Stop. Rewind. Replay

(#) clutsy_93 2007-11-02

hi hi hi :)

did maria go out with MIkey once?
lol. . . am I seriously reading you're miind??
lol do you have myspace if so please add me ??

lol . . . because she said he's a good kisser??
lol. . . . . .
Uhm,..... and Update soon lol....
and msn
? lol . . .
you should give my stories a read?
tell me what you think because i'm having a huge and I mean HUGE writers block for Am I crazy and I hate my life....

lol..... well what can I say but I love you're story FAB! lol..
I always saw that hehehee.

Author's response


Well, they've kissed at least. Might have gone out. I'm not too sure. Their past is sketchy. But then again, Maria's probably played spin the bottle alot at their parties slash sleepovers.
I dunno. maybe you are. Or you're just good at guessing. :]
I do have myspace. However, I never use it. Ever. Period. Damn, I mean, full stop. damn, I just qupted my own story! That's not good.

Yeah, well...

I'll try
I've added you on msn.
I probably won't read am i craxy cause of the sex warning, but i will read I hate my life as soon as I get the chance.

You always saw what?