Review for Strip it Down

Strip it Down

(#) Kitt 2007-11-04

Why doesn't anyone review on this site? Unless it's a Tidus/Yuna fic, everyone seems to ignore everything!

Well, let me be your first review then (unless you have another that isn't showing). An excellent ficlet, and an honest take on "new" Yuna. You wove all her conflicting feelings together very well. I also like how you didn't make things mushy at the end, and have either Baralai or Yuna (or both) suddenly realize that they were in love after all. You ended it as it began, as a seemingly simple, but emotionally complicated one-night stand. Very well done.

My only criticism for you is to watch the little grammar mistakes, such as this one: "...she was glad that the room was dark enough to not let him see her cried." Cried should be /cry/.