Review for Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

(#) Kitt 2007-11-04

I couldn't stop smiling as I got near the end. You managed to do something that I haven't really seen done before: successfully integrate both Wakka and Auron into Lulu's love life. And Auron x Lulu in a post-FFX setting! I love it.

It started out well enough, but it got even better when Auron came in. Reading your chapter titles, I was expecting a sad ending. It's good to be pleasantly surprised in fanfic. That rarely happens.

(One thing you may want to know: In Last Mission, Leblanc apparently was kicked out of Guadosalam: She's driving Kimahri nuts threatening to move to Mt. Gagazet. The poor Ronsos.)

And so you've given me another story to add to my favorites. I'd love to see a little follow-up one-shot, about Auron and Lu and Vidina, just to get a further glimpse into their family life. Hopefully you get some inspiration for that soon!