Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) siaru 2007-11-04

This is already intriguing. I take it that Jason is either a vampire elder or one of the Horcruxed immortals introduced in Companions of the White Warlock, a colleague of Theseus'. Either way, now that we've all had a chance to get the foul taste of that Epicac out of our mouths, this time it looks like the good doctor of multiverse histories will lecture on the collisions of agendas and their consequences somewhat more clearly than in past efforts. I'm ready to follow along and learn.

Author's response

Real life is very busy right now, so I hope to be able to put up a chapter every two weeks or so, hopefully more quickly later. I haven't noticed any AU stories starting between Years 1&2, so thought I'd try it (I really can't think of anything I'd want to write from where canon left us). Yes, the basic idea of Jason and Brotherhood come from 'White Warlock'.