Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) brad 2007-11-04

Nice start, and nice to read another new story from you. I was wondering just last week if we'd heard the last of you, following your rebuttal to DH. Quite a few authors seem to have left the fandom, or paused in their output.

As always the idea of Hermione standing by her best friend - as per the vow mentioned at the end of this chapter - is a powerful one that attracts me greatly. Minerva too, hey?

I couldn't understand at all Vernon's thought processes in abandoning Harry in his own house? Seemed crazy. I'm glad Moody spelled it out for me.

Setting this with Harry so young is interesting, and I like the idea of some childlike innocence being put into the mix. I just hope you don't have Harry mature too quickly until he is a clone of how you have portrayed him in most of your other stories. If Jason does train him for six months subjective time, making him wise to the ways of the world, then there's likely to be a big difference between him and Ron/Hermione (even though they all grew up a bit with their adventure at the end of first year). It'll be interesting to see how you handle the first reunion of the Trio.

Author's response

Harry will wind up training for about a year, making him just over 13. Hermione will be 13 a few weeks later. As for Ron . . . I haven't forgiven him for running out on Harry and Hermione.