Review for Novelty


(#) LovelessNoire 2007-11-06

I am amazed no one reviewed or rated this before me. It's a damn shame. Not only was it 'ambiant', it was hot and insightful too! I loved it! Sadly, I haven't made it past book 3 yet, so some of the quotes were unfamiliar. But still good, so very, very good.

Author's response

Well, I've had one or two other review from my account elsewhere, but it's still nice to see a new review after Novelty's been posted such a long time ago (ok, not very long, but you get the point). I'm surprised that you find it hot, since there's nothing outrightly smut-like about it (but I was blushing when I was writing towards the end). Oh you should get the books. They publish slow, but it's worth the wait!! Thanks again for your review!