Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) thomgriffin 2007-11-09

I was a bit put off by the issue of the love potions and rapes but I do agree that, at least for me, it makes sense with what happened in JKR's work the last two books. I thought the headmaster was pushing Hermione and Ron together from the beginning of book five and isalating Hermione's influence over Harry. What you have nails it down succinctly. I don't know how many go back this far, but even in the beginning of Prisoner of Azkaban, I think JKR had introduced love potions as how Molly Weasley snagged Arthur. She, Ginny and Hermione were all off giggling in a corner over it when Harry came down to breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron.
I guess I'll stop prattling on and just tell you I'm enjoying your fic now that I've gotten into it.
Keep going.

Author's response

I'm not a fan of the Love Potion controlled rapes either, and as minimal as it was, it was hard to write.

The reasoning for it is the mutual healing that Harry and Hermione bring each other as (a minor) part of their relationship.

Truth be told, the scene you described was the point in the story I started to intensly dislike Molly.

Thank you for your review. It's always good to hear that I'm reaching at least a part of the audience.