Review for Agatha Heterodyne and the Excessively Hirsute Canine

Agatha Heterodyne and the Excessively Hirsute Canine

(#) thmanwithnoname 2007-11-12

That was a shaggy dog story.
and I was completely suckered.
well done, very very well done.
Even if you ignore the shaggy aspect, it was quite a nice little story.
I'd like to see you do more Girl Genius fic, as it's a very... empty genre.

(as a side question, do you, by chance, read Spider Robinson? This wouldn't have felt out of place at all in his Callahan's series.)

Author's response

grin Glad you liked it! I thought I gave it away with the title, really . . . but it's always satisfying to know you've caught readers off-guard.

I've got more Girl Genius fics in the works, you'll be happy to know; it's a bit intimidating with the quality of the canon, but I have a few ideas.

(yep, I'm a fan of Callahan's. It's a fun series.)