Review for A Rose's Thorns

A Rose's Thorns

(#) SakurasSong 2007-11-14

Wow, excellent job! It's kind of hard to get into Rose's character, but you pulled it off pretty well!
I also read "Meru's haircut", and you did great with Meru, too, and she's practically the opposite of Rose. And...I agree with the guy down there. Post on With only 7 Dragoon stories on ficwad, I doubt anyone will take the time to browse this section.

Keep at it! This is good stuff! I want more! :D Post wherever - I can check it out on, too.


Author's response

Sorry to have gotten back so late - I barely check this account since I forget it doesn't email me when interesting things like getting reviews happens. I am on, same author name and everything I believe. Feel free to look me up - I've got a good list of recommended reading on that site to tide you over (including some awesome Rose and Meru-centric stories).
As my profile now declares, I'm working on a longer story - hope to have something posted during the December break / around New Year's time. We'll see.

Thanks for the review!