Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) White_Dragon 2007-11-14

This is my first real AU story, T. I find it very refreshing. Is it appropriate to call O/C characters O/C in AU? I find them very interesting and I am comfortable with them already.

What attracted me to this story is my strong feelings about how Harry has been abused in his life.

I look forward to future chapters, and to reading other stories of yours in the future!


Author's response

Harry's abuse, and the over-all lack of guidence in his life, have always bothered me, and almost all my many fics reflect that, here and on fiction alley. I tend to supply Harry with mentors, who develop the magic potential we saw in the first 5 books. Of course all my stories, save one, are now considered AU ;-)