Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) siaru 2007-11-16

Well, if everyone is genderflipped, as it's starting to sound--
- Mad-Eye Moody is going to look really ghastly with makeup around that eye
- is Harriet's Patronus really a doe?
- were the Marauders' pranks any less cruel for their being a sorority?
- does Nellie Longbottom's grandfather still wear a vulture-infested hat?
- did Moony's PMS phase-lock to her monthly furry problem?
- Harri's last name should be Evans.

This should be interesting.

Author's response

Almost everyone.

- Women don't wear makeup...

- Yes, based off her mother's animagus form.

- Less cruel? Since when are groups of women less cruel? When I was in school (granted so long ago members of bands played instruments) I witnessed girls inflicting cruelty on each other that would make the strongest man shudder. No, they were complete and utter bitches to those they felt were beneath them.

- August Longbottom doesn't wear woemen's clothing... In public.

- Yes.

- Nope, Matriarchal society, her family name came from her mother, Jane Potter.

- I hope so.