Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) hawk426 2007-11-17

Hmmm... interesting. Harry's move from a patriarchal society to a matriarchal society should be... interesting. Hopefully the Luna of this universe (if that's the one he ends up with) is one of those that didn't swap genders.

As for pairings, why just Luna? :)

Hmmm... Also, how does Tom's analogue's parental situation work? I don't want to spell out the whole thing in a review, but basically, why the last name Riddle still (Mother was Gaunt), and if the parent's genders switched, how does that work? i.e. Tom: muggle Father abandons witch mother after love potions presumably wear off, mother dies giving birth. Tomasina: ???

Good story so far, hope to see more of it.

Author's response

There's only one Luna...

Yes, just Luna. Why? Because people's personalities are pretty much set in concrete by the time they are 10 years old, and for better or worse the Dursleys formed Harry's personality. There is no realistic way that a kid like Harry, painfully shy around girls and women outside of very close long term friends would ever do the harem thing. The women of this new universe are analogs of his MALE friends and his mind (in as much as there is no indication in canon of his having any attraction toward those of the convex persuasion) would be screaming "THIS IS RON!!!!" if he were to make a move on Veronica Weasley (fer instance)

Now then, at this point in his life he doesn't know Luna, but he must have seen her in the halls, she sort of stands out. I've got their meeting on the train for his 5th year plotted out, when she lowers her upside down Quibbler, he stares at her and tells her she's a girl, then she congratulates him on his powers of observation - completely serious. The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Tommi Riddle... Family names in this universe follow female lines, so Merlan Gaunt was a wizard who developed the screaming thigh sweats for Muggle Tomasina Riddle, when his domineering mother and psychotic older sister get hauled off by the MoM for Muggle baiting and general bitchyness she doses young Miss Riddle with a love potion and they run off to London. Young Tomasina is born, Merlan deeply in love stops dosing his wife, she sobers up, and runs home to mummy leaving Merlan and his daughter, shattered he foreswears magic. The neighbors assume that his wife died in one of the flu epidemics around at the time, Merlan is killed in a robbery and young Tomi ends up in the orphanage where she stays until Dumbles comes for her when she turns eleven...