Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) siaru 2007-11-17

Hm. So the First Acolyte would be Horus, who led the first (literal) Osirian (re)Assembly... But where's Isis now? Did she wander off because Osiris was missing his Set-piece (thus cursed to be a Setter), or was Osiris re-wanded?

Does Tutmoses have any connection to the Moses of the widely-published children-of-israel fanfic (/Grounds For Disbelief/ brews a bitter but refreshing cup)?

I'm waiting to see if Zara and Cobra live among the Mountains of Madness. You seem to be binding in every other mythos, why not HPL?

Harry's scheduled language-and-letters training seems incomplete without some form of Celtic and Ogham. Unless perhaps Mak is short for MacLlyr?

This is fun!

Author's response

No, Tutmoses and Moses are not related (moses in various forms being a fairly common part of Egyptian names).

Over the centuries, various tales were added to the legend of Osiris, so no Isis or Horus. As for Celtic, the Brotherhood mostly concerns itself with the Nile basin and other parts of north-west and north-central Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East over through India. The Brotherhood and Druids have very different views of the world, and generally leave each other alone and ignore each other's magic as well as ideas.