Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) lycus 2007-11-17

I've just started reading your story and i'm glad that I have. The way that you have given harry the training that dumbledore should have at least tried to give him was brilliant. And I really like how you've started changing harry and hermiones' relationship, And I just wanted to know will ron be jealous and throw a tantrum when harry shows up and it becomes obvious that harry and hermione are closer than they were before. And I wanted to know if harry will come back super harry or will he come back stronger,smarter,and in better shape with more understang of how magic works I mean he is only twelve. And one last thing will harry receive another familliar (i'm not sure that I spelled that right)any way I hope that you update soon.

Author's response

Ron will be confused and clueless. Harry should not be super-Harry (super-Harry in training, maybe. . . . Harry is Volde's equal and able to drive away 100+ dementors while volde could make the diary at 16) And so far, no new familiar. Maybe a pet basilisk -- Harry can have it play with the Slytherins.