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Bella Rising

(#) Geovanni_Luciano 2007-11-22

I come a bit further and say, make with some more characters, and be quick about it. Not that I don't like what you've written so far in this one, but it's not a Harry Potter fan fiction without Harry Potter, even if it's a minor role. You left his character kind of in the lurch with his Ginny dying like she did. I'm curious, too, to see what happens with Pansy and Millie, however, I think with Harry being an experienced orphan and somewhat wealthy, he can lend a hand in helping the two ladies out with some financial backing as well as provide some support to the children. Just thoughts. Lastly, too short of a chapter, but I guess that an update on Thanksgiving is worth the while. :)

Geovanni Luciano

Author's response

Thanks for reading and responding. Harry will be featured in upcoming chapters.
He's not the only war orphan in the mix either.