Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-11-24

Okay I LOVE this chap! This is like your classic comedy style crap and I LOVE IT! (Which makes me worry cause the funnier it is the more down you are) :(
But maybe a nice review will cheer you up?
This was soooo funny on so many levels. First the Billy thing. BAH on G for even bringing that up. But yay for you. I love how youre weaving the past in like that with like the Billy/cutting references and even the 'sunshine' nick name! It gives it a very realistic feel. Cause thats how it is in life, your past follows you like that. Anyway
THE EVIL LAUGH! Ah! that was so funny! shes like Im waiting for the lightning behind you! hahahaha! I think I like that bit more then the frozen food masturbation line!
And then the whole chair/cherry tattoo. Ah I gotta stop otherwise Im just gonna fucking cut and paste the whole chap in here.
But moving past the comedy factor. I think it shows another level to their relationship. Like I cant believe that G didnt demand that like Sky show him her arm! In one way it makes me think like oh he doesn't care for her cause isnt that what you do when you love someone? smother them to death? lol. But then on the other hand it shows how much he trusts Frankie with her. (Id love to see him let her go off with Bruce though lol)
Its a weird dynamic, having a relationship in a group like that and I think youre portraying it well.
And skys starting to have a drinking problem no?

Author's response

oh yeah i think it's weird, it's like gerard is not her only boyfriend.
but the guys take care of her on so many different level, like when gerard can't or won't, there will be always someone to make sure she's OK.