Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Vanir 2007-11-24

I just love the faint notions that the Old Ones are having some trouble avoiding forming their own agendas regarding Harry. They remind themselves constantly not to do it. It makes them come through as honest, but still basically human. Maybe Harry's just so easy to manipulate that it's hard not to.
Has that been used before?
The conversation with dear old Fumbledore was great. They didn't threaten him as much as they just were. To simply state your power like that has to be a bloody good way to get attention.

Harry's response to his current coach was a work of art. I wouldn't have imagined that in a hundred years. Bravo! kowtow

Author's response

To be a member of the Brotherhood, you'd have to be smart and powerful (if not very smart and/or very powerful), and have an ego able to withstand the millenia (not easy, I would think). They don't want to overwhelm Harry any more than they have to.

As for Scorpion, Harry does know how to treat a bully, doesn't he? After dealing with over a hundred members of the brotherhood, what will Harry think of someone like Draco?