Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-11-25

i think gerard grabbing her arm showed just how much he does care for her..
i mean, maybe he didn't handle like he should've but he was clearly upset about it.
but then again, i wonder if the guys are ever gonna trust skyler again. as sky said, she can't be sad without being self destructive. if she's got a little scratch or something they guys are all over the place and that can't make sky feel trusted. which is bad.

i liked his tattoo speech so much, i gotta write that down on a piece of paper and slip it inside my mom's bible.
or more like the vogues and cosmopolitans some girls in my class read. (can't believe i know the names of those magazines)
they think tattoos are um.. "HAAWWT" oh well. none of my business.
but go frankie! tattoos really should have a meaning, like on a deeper level cause they won't look so fucking "HAWWT" when you're 67 but the meaningful tattoos are still meaninful no matter how old you are.. ok i'm done.
i should stop talking about stuff that doesn't really have anything to do with the chapter haha..

it was a great chapter by the way. i hope they will get the tattoo fixed. and if they will, i wonder if gerard's ever gonna find out that the tattoo hasn't always been like that. i bet he will. i wonder if he's gonna freak if and when he finds out.
i think he will, especially if he also finds out sky was wasted when she got it done^^

Author's response

lol i totally agree about what you said about the tattoos not being hot but meaningful...but of course you already know it cause I've put in the story...