Review for What's Wrong is Right, and What's Right is this Love

What's Wrong is Right, and What's Right is this Love

(#) kassiepooh 2007-11-25

hey dude can u put this in one of ur stories,i tried 2 but thier something wrong with my computer:

if this is true i'm going 2 laugh my fucking ass off
i thought they were married all along this is from lyn-z:

To Whom It May Concern
I would like to set the record straight towards me and gerard, we are not dating nor are we married,
people started to ASSUME (notice how it starts with ass so don't ASSume things) we were dating when they
saw us walk out of the Forbidden Planet, i had no one to go there with and my girlfriend was out of town
so i asked him to come along, i've known Frank for 3 years and thats how i met g i use to jam with frank
and our mates, gerard and Eliza were never dating she is a hair dresser for mike and frank she has only
done gs hair a few times but they became friends thats all, eliza is with her boyfriend of 2 years they met
in high school, that photo of me and g and jess that every one assumes is our wedding photo well its not
i stood up to make a toast for my anniversary i had been with my gf ally for 1 year now but she
was still out of town so i got gerard to pretend to be her for the night jess was not my minister she is my
mothers friend who was there having a drink with me and the photo was taken by a fan and jess jumped in,
now that you all know the truth i hope you will all be a little more happier, by the way g and frank are not in love
they are just close and g has no plans to get married right now