Review for The Adventures of Emo Boy and Scene Girl!

The Adventures of Emo Boy and Scene Girl!

(#) GoogleGeek 2007-11-25

Dear Lizzard,
You know I am a big fan of Emo Boy and Scene Girl.
They're the awesome-est superheroes in the universe and now I'm happy I can visualize them.
Emo Boy looks strangely how I pictured and Scene Girl looks (dare I say it) hot.
Anywho, I was asking for your permission. You see, my mind has currently conjured up a story about the Fueled By Ramen gang. In this story, a man does transform into a women (amongst other things). If you think that it sounds too much like
Episode Eight then let me know.

Well, bye now. =]

Author's response

Okay, here's the thing.

a) no need to be so formal!
b) thank you for loving my super heroes. Although apparently there was already an Emo Boy, but they're not the same. At ALL. My dad bought me the comic book, and I checked.
c) Thanks for making me feel better about my drawing abilities! It kinda looks like Emo Boy's going in to grab her boob, though...
d) The body switch thing is in no way copyrighted. In fact, probably so many people have used it that it's cliched. Although I don't think so, since everyone puts their own little spin on it. Bottom line: I don't own the concept of switching bodies, so you don't need to ask me.
e) Well... I guess that there is no e... Thanks for reviewing...(?)