Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) winnie_55 2007-11-26

That was so funny, it was nice after the last chapter which was sad.
You do write comedy really well, you are really talented to write both comedy and drama so well.
I loved that Gerard didn't force Sky to show him her arm, it kinda shows that he respects her. It would've been quite funny if he had seen it though!
The Gerald bit made me giggle as well! Makes him sound like an 80 year old man!
And I love how you write drunk people! You make them seem funny and realistic, without going so over the top that it becomes unbelievable. But I'm worried now, Sky has a drink problem? Ok, maybe I am just a little too obsessed with this story when I start worrying about the characters! But I guess that means that your writing is amazing to make me feel like they could be real people, if that makes sense!
I hope the stuff that hopeanne said about you being sad wasn't right. :-( Hope you are feeling better soon.

Author's response

oh i'm better now, i ran out of coffee so i was very down these past few days...but you'll be happy to know that my coffee and peace are back!