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When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) siaru 2007-12-02

Per chapter one, Harry's got some training in Legilimency, at least enough to sift Ron's surface and broadcast thoughts. Even if his training's insufficient for him to ferret out all the machinations, he'll soon know just how much of a setup all his contacts with Weasleys have been. That will leave a gaping hole where the third part of the Trio should be (and, with the Tuatha coming in, triads become if anything more important magically), so who do you have in mind this time to join with Harry Potter and Hermione "the power Dumbledore knows not" Granger? Not Ginny -- raised to fixation on Boy!Who!Lived tales and carrying the TMR diary, she's loose canon here. You haven't shown anyone advocating or helping Neville, so he's still broken, whether or not he's a hidden spare.

I know you're fond of putting Luna in that position, but it would take some real power-up and imposed-focus relative to canon for a first-year Luna to be cogent enough to join the team, let alone contribute meaningfully; will she be the Tuatha's intercept/probe/avatar here, as Harry's is the Old Ones'? Can she fulfill the role from over in Ravenclaw House?
Her memorization of the Quibbler bestiary still shows as enough of a love of abstract knowledge (or Quibbler Fundamentalism) to sort her there, unless someone interferes... or will that be Harry and Hermione, on the train?

What 'blasphemy' had the Tuatha so upset -- Greek romantic ideals (North Aegean MBLA)? Monotheism? Another DrT teaser has me intrigued...

I can just see Brother Scorpion in the DADA classroom, teaching an intruding Snape the meaning of real pain. Even more of a delight would be him teaching Umbridge the true meaning of might-makes-rght.

Again, thanks for sharing this.

Author's response

Both groups were polytheistic. However, although we don't know the details, Druids believed in some sort of reincarnation. Osiris and his followers refusing to die so they can be properly reborn would be one sort of blasphemy. They also would have had two different concepts of the soul as well. In addition, of course, the Druids would not have thought much of men, no matter how powerful and long-lived, posing as gods.