Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) sweetgirl 2007-12-02

Loved Flamel going off on Dumbles and the the old switch a roo he did with the stones. I wonder if Dumbles ever found out he was duped. I mean why would Flamel trust him with the stone when Flamel was older and possibly more knowledgeable about these things. The bit about Ron not being a true friend is acurate. Even if the letter Harry sent him was lost or destoryed before he read it, why didn't he take any action to contact Harry. I mean he had not heard from Harry all summer but yet didn'tdo anything to find out what happened to him. Was he even worried about him. Ron hasn't lifted a finger to find out what happened to Harry, and I know best friends just don't do that. At least he could have wrote Hermione and asked her if she had heard from Harry but he didn't wven do that. I personally think he has outgrown his friendship with Ron, and I hope that when they do meet up Ron gives some lame excuse and Harry just forgives him. That just gives Ron an excuse to do inconsiderate things more often, if he believes he can get away with it.

Author's response

Ron was worried about Harry earlier in the summer, but when Harry disappeared, he just expected Harry to get in contact with him. Remember, the Ministry was notified that Harry had new magical guardians, and Arthur would have known that. Ron will be upset that Harry did not then try and get in contact with him. Ron would see himself the hero for wanting to go get Harry (as in book 2), but since he didn't convince the twins to go early, how would Harry know that?

Ron is 12, and doesn't see that.