Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Clell65619 2007-12-02

Good Lord Doc, reading your story makes me look at my tripe and develop quite the inferiority complex

The Flamels faking their deaths following Nick abusing Albus is a classic scene. Fan Fiction needs its own awards show.

Jason's explanation to Mrs. Granger of the situation Hermione is in was perhaps the clearest best explanation I've seen in any story canon or fanon...

Once again, we're not worthy!

Author's response

I've used the basic explanation before, although of course added the part about stealing children's magic, making them squibs ffom DH.

That alone made me realize that having 'Pureblood' means you're likely a moron. Is there any fairly intelligent character who claims to be a Pureblood who isn't stupid or totally lacking in sense in some way? Fred and George maybe, although they are wrapped in their own way. (I don't think we know Mcgonagall's status).