Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) Cateagle 2007-12-07

-wicked laughter- Oh, this Harry is not goign to be subservient to and reliant on Dumbles, and I suspect that Dumbles isn't going to like it (not that he can do much about it - and if he tries to keep Harry there over the summer, he's going to -really- get a surprise). Given the folk that he would've associated with as Tony Stark's adopted son, I don't think anyone at Hogwarts, or in the Ministry, is going to intimidate him. Depending on the analytical and sensor systems he has available to him 'tween his tech suit and his Datapad, I suspect there are a lot of secrets in Hogwarts that are going to be exposed rather quickly. What should be even more interesting is the varied reactions to a muggle-raised wizard who actually -has- electronics that work at Hogwarts. The more bigoted Puerbloods are going to be mortally offended, though I suspect the first to try anything with him will be quite surprised as I can't see the tech suit not having defensive/offensive capabilities in addition to a comprehensive sensor and evaluation fit.

Given the range of interests of Stark International and the "interesting" nature of a number of Tony Stark's friends, I daresay that he's going to surprise Snape in potions. Much to the greasey bat's dismay.

Author's response

- Dumbles is going to have substantially less control than he is used to.

- Personally, I'm looking forward to Draco to brag about how rich his daddy is..

- The purebloods aren't going to like Harry's heathen use of technology, that's a given... The question is what can they do about it.

- Snape is one of those who aren't going to like technology