Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Teresa 2007-12-08 excellent bit of Malfoy and Snape baiting! I loved seeing how Jason put Snivellous in his place at least for a while. It might not last long, but then Snape baiting is so much fun! On the other hand Snape did realize that Jason was scarier than the "Dark Lord".....will he try to grovel and learn from him? Kissing up is something I could see him doing if he thought it would work, after all. As for Ron it looks like he and Harry will remain friends, but not as close. It's nice how Harry and Hermione are intergrating Neville, Luna, and Ginny into the group as well as making connections with other house students. The political fallout from the Scabbers incident was also interesting, and it was good to see Fudge and his henchtoad get theirs. Pity Crouch Sr. wiggled out, but the whole situation with Crouch Jr. should come out eventually. (evil grin)I also liked seeing Harry use the pureblood rules against Malfoy! That crack to Oliver about Slytherin's team being screwed by the broom bribe was priceless! Now if only Ginny would by a matter whether Harry and Hermione just have a deep friendship or one that grows into romance she shouldn't try and come between them. Ah well, no doubt she'll learn. My thanks for another great chapter!

Author's response

And just think, there are a couple of Brothers who make Jason look tame! And no, Ginny won't buy a clue. In fact, just the opposite.

As for Harry's baiting of Malfoy, I know I've read something similar somewhere (maybe more than once), but I can't remember where. I do think I gave a scene a different spin from other versions, though, but making the Slytherins think. I know, I know, that's a very uncanon like thing to do!