Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) lycus 2007-12-08

That was very cool, but I wonder why ginny is suddenly hanging around harry so much when she couldn't even talk to him before. And thanks for letting luna and neville join harry and hermiones' little group while pushing ron into the background ( I hate ron ). And that was a great job you did with snape and I wonder if he will try to suck up to jason now, And thanks for making harry grow some backbone. and the story has just the right amount of attraction between harry and hermione without making them completely in love yet. Now I just had a couble of questions, when the chamber is opened will harry know that he's hearing the basilisk, will the dueling club still happen, will dobby still jinx the bludger in the quidditch match, will harry have to go into the chamber alone or will jason and the others help with their ability to apperate inside hogwarts,will ginny get a clue and leave harry alone, And now that sirius is free when will he contact harry.

Author's response

Ginny was hanging around Harry, he just didn't notice. All the questions you ask should be answered by the end of chapter 12