Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) siaru 2007-12-08

I'd like you to explain your rationale for Luna sorting into Gryffindor. I am presuming that it's based on her finding friends with the Gryffies, especially (surprise, surprise) Hermione, who may well elect to take the girl under her wing. That leaves one to wonder who she encountered on her first Express ride in canon, when Harry and Ron were off exploring via upper Anglia; or was Ravenclaw the default?

Next chapter, no doubt, some Sirius changes. I wonder if Lockhart has written about encountering a Marauding Grim as yet... Is #12 the Grim's auld place yet?

Author's response

With Hermione and the Weasleys worried about Ron and Harry being missing, Luna was totally ignored. Yes, Ravenclaw was the default House for her.