Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) BenRG 2007-12-09

There are several nice bits in this chapter - interesting quotes and interesting characterisations.

We never see the sorting of Ginny in canon. However, she is of sufficiently cunning a turn of mind and methodical in action that I wonder if the Hat initially intended to put her in Slytherin. Her aggressive later nature would have been the result of many years immersed in the action-bias atmosphere of Gryffindor House. Similarly, I wonder how Luna will turn out in the more familial world of Gryffindor rather than the rather rarified and academic atmosphere of Ravenclaw.

I find it interesting that in this second year of his education, the older Slytherins consider Malfoy a bit of a loud-mouthed loose cannon and will reign him in if he becomes an embarrassment. I did love Harry's comment about "fixing" his frozen face on the express. XD

Overall, this is an interesting story and has been somewhat different from your usual fare (it actually is somewhat more like mathiasgrangers's and chem-prof's works). I'll be looking out for further chapters.

Author's response

Yes, the Hat was considering Slytherin, both for Ginny's own qualities and because of Riddle's (then slight) influence.