Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) winnie_55 2007-12-09

I started off thinking that Gerard was being the mature one then! Asking if they could talk and stuff. But that was such a sad chapter, it feels like they are falling apart and Gerard is going to die, all alone, it's so sad. But then I know that you write something lovely to make it all happy....or at least I'm hoping you will! I think Sky and Gerard make a really believable, sweet couple and I love your writing, which, by the way, has improved a million times since the start of your story. And that's pretty impressive considering how fantastic it was at the start.

Author's response

aw thank you so much! what really jumped from everything you said is that you said they're a believable couple and that's something that is really important for i don't want them to appear over the top...basically what i try to ramble is that i'm grateful that you think that they're believable because for me it's one of the most important qualities in a story.