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you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-10

this is typical gerard and skyler trying to communicate. this is so them. and yeah, either one always walks away. i think sky has a bad habit of instead of really thinking about the things gerard said and trying to figure out if something he said was true, she always gets angry and bitter. but not until after she or gerard stormed off. it's like she doesn't say what she feels when the time's right and then all these negative feelings dwell inside of her and she goes and makes them even bigger. once she gets the idea that it's all gerard's fault, she sticks with that idea and exaggerates it instead of taking a look in the mirror. it's sort of like she's in denial. or like she shoves the real point to the back of her mind and concentrates on the things that make her angry. i guess it's easier for her to be angry than humble - or sad. and who can blame her? she's only a human, it's just natural. that's how we are. including gerard. it's more usual for a relationship to get fucked up cause the people in it are too different, but sometimes it seems like gerard and skyler are way too alike. gerard blames skyler yet he ain't no better himself. and it goes either way. it seems that they accuse to not get accused if you know what i mean. kinda like when the cookie jar is all empty and mommy si all pissed off, the first kid to point their finger at someone else and say "she/he ate them" most likely ate some too but isn't willing to take responsibility for that. like bindie stated, you should be able to take some of the blame, not put it entirely on the other one..

Author's response

lol you're not bad with metaphors yourself! i always get what you try to explain because you do a good job explaining! and that cookie jar example is perfect one!

i guess they prefer to fight over shit and not really think of it because it's so know how you love someone and they say shit to you, it'll hurt 98990 times more then if some stranger said it because you love them.
so in the skyger situation a lot of what they say really hit home with the other, so instead of thinking about it, they fight and try to change the other person's mind and really show the other side they're not as bad as they think they are...

lol now that we analyzed and fixed them i suppose we could finish off with a happy end and 5 dogs.