Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) brad 2007-12-10

Effective of you to use Hermione's prior crush on Lockhart as evidence that she had romantic inclinations even at that young age, that could be transferred to Harry. I tend to think they're too young in years 1-3 at least, so that little hint was useful.

There seem to be a few other things that you're changing from canon, along with Vernon's "not missing". Like Luna tagging along with the Weasleys on the train. It somewhat spoils the elegance of springing off an AU from just one, single, altered fact. But now that we've met Luna, I appreciate your insight in that she may have, in her first year, been much more 'normal'. Another clever little tidbit I enjoying thinking about.

So refreshing to have Harry actually prepared to use the potential of recourse to his new minders, rather than continue to be a timid pushover. And a HUGE 'Bravo!' for this line:

"And I will have to protest your detention."

YAYYYYYY!!!! AO LONG have I waited to read something like that, perusing fanfic after fanfic where Snape hands out detentions like lollypops, with no student, not even Hermione, ever thinking to appeal.

Author's response

IF Luna was at all like I show her, there is no reason to think she wouldn't have latched on to Ginny on Platform 9 3/4. I didn't mean to imply she had travelled to the station with the Weasleys. I tried to show, via Ron's actions, that Luna was tagging along.

I don't know if you would know the reference, but wizarding society reminds me of the society showed throughout most of the old westerns, like 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,' where most of the people want to respect the law, but where might still is in control.

Maybe 'High Plains Drifter' would even be better -- the society is corrupt, the sherriff is a joke, and a dozen Clint Eastwoods just rode into Hogwarts. Snape doesn't like not being able to use the system against them, but has just enough sense to try and stay out of their way.