Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-11

Wow. That wasnt exactly what I was expecting!
I wasnt quite sure if you were gonna play that card but Im glad you did.
I liked it cause its very realistic in the aspect that like life goes on. People have problems. Like yeah the stories about sky and Gee but everyone has problems even Billy and his wife. And I think it was a nice throw back to the fact that waaaay back in I dont know what chap how sky was jealous of them. Like they were 'perfectly' married and she was jealous if i remember correctly. And this shows that no ones life is perfect.
I also like the realistic-ness of the phone situation and the feeling of helplessness when playing phone tag like that with people when something bad happens.
You know i love Billy (as long as he cleanshaven) and here the part where Im going to feverishly defend him to death (and I'd love to see people say they agree with me but I dont know that thats gonna happen!) lol.
But poor Billy.
He was fucked up.
It was an accident.
Dont hold it against him.
And if Lynn cant forgive him then shes - bah.
I hate where this is going.
I can just see Billy coming to sky and I know shes gonna have harsh words for him.

Author's response

Aren't love supposed to be unconditional? Yet if Billy have some beard issue you wouldn't love him? Tsk tsk poor Billy/