Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-13

billy's back in the picture and i have to say i like the way you're not focusing on the things and people that are a part of skyler life right now, i like how the people that are a part of her past are peeping from around the corner letting us know they're still alive and healthy. ok, atleast alive.
billy's and lynn's relationship is falling apart and so is skyler's and gerard's. i can't help but think billy and skyler are somewhat gonna comfort each other. or even worse, do what they used to do. it wouldn't be such a bad thing if they started going out, but i just don't like that. i feel like skyler's mom and now that billy is doing drugs again i can't help wanting to kick his ass (sorry hopeanne). what if sky thinks she can 'heal' him? well atleast she'll think twice cause she was clearly shocked because of the fact that billy had hit his wife. what's up with skyler and guys with drug addictions anyways? gerard is gonna flip if billy and skyler are going to start hanging out again. maybe skyler could even do it just to see gerard flip? to piss him off. it would be very skyler-ish (or skyler-y, or skyler like.. whichever you prefer. i'm scared either ray or mikey will come here and kick my ass. their argument about the ish'es and y's was pretty intense back in Wal-mart. it was wal-mart wasn't it?) ok i lost the point again.. where was i? oh yeah, it would be quite typical skyler to try to make gerard realize she's not gonna be his wife for long. to make him realize it big time, like make him jelaous or do stupid things just so she could tell him it isn't his business anymore and shit like that. which would crush gerard, i'm sure. unless that bitch Liz whom we've all learned to dislike to say atleast, comforts him through the worst of it. i bet she'd be happy to lead gerard through sadness, anger, disillusion, jealousy.... - straight to her bed.
i wish we knew what was going on between them. like when they talk, what do they talk about? when they laugh, what do they laugh at? but after all, i'm glad you don't do P.O.V's. most stories with several point of views are too complicated. and less coherent. those two tihngs can turn a story very .. blah. it's easier for an author but i'm glad you didn't choose the easier way. this is more realistic, cause just like in real life, skyler can't know everything. we can't know everything, we just gotta wonder and see if we'll ever find or figure it out.
in overall i liked the chapter very much.
the situation is just sad. it's heart-breaking. i have this sentence stuck in my head, and i keep on thinking it all the time. and when i look back at sad times in my life it even somehow makes me understand them better. sometimes love just isn't enough.

Author's response

Oh you can't fool me...Not wanting Mikey and Ray to come and kick your ass! Ha!...Hmmm sorry I was having a slight fan girl moment..I'm fine now.
But anyway, I'm kinda surprised that you think it wouldn't be such a bad idea for Sky to date Billy...The last time Billy was in the picture people were really against him, I don't know if you were against him too but overall he wasn't a favorite.

As for Liz, due to the fact that this is indeed not different pov's type of story, we can't really know what really Liz and Gee are all about...Unless G would like record their conversations which is not gonna happen...At least not while I still have idea...But who knows, writer's block can be a cruel cruel mistress lol...
But it gets clarified, about every loose end would be clarified one way or another throughout the story.