Review for the fact of the matter it that is just a matter of time

the fact of the matter it that is just a matter of time

(#) bindie611 2007-12-13

Ohhhh the end is not finished!! NAATTTTT!!!! You gotta finish it!!
Oh and I want more
And I want aliens
and I'm sooo frigging glad her mummy's dead. And did you comment on my raynkieardkeyob? No you didn't - unless they didn't send a thingit.
Hum. Children are evil. It's my new theory. They don't grow a heart until they're like, nine. Except some nine year olds are heartless. Oh well, we deeply love children. Just not like them.
This was random. I'm tired. And I feel fat.
MORE! (and not of my crap) :P

Author's response

sorry about that
I will, I will
don't you worry about that
no i haven't even got time to read it yett!!!!
and i'm this close to explode from all the anxiettyy!!!!!
well today i can't say chidren are evil
it was my dad's bday and i was with my twin bro & sis
and lil bro and I were brushing noses until he fell asleep (they aren't even a year old)
so they're the definition of cute and adorable
i gotta sleep
tomorrow's report card day
'spanking day' me call it on our school
y do u feel fat my lovee???