Review for Midnight


(#) samric 2007-12-15

I just registered on FicWad not ten minutes ago and was exploring the categories where I planned to post to when I saw this. Dear god, I was beginning to think that no one but myself had ever heard of the Dragon Jousters books! It's refreshing to finally see something in Mercedes Lackey other than all of her Herald stuff. But I'm getting carried away. This was both sweet and delicious, with Vetch just lapping up the attention with his own particular degree of innocence. The only thing that I found worthy of a little more work was Ari's wording; “Make it up to me.” It just didn't feel like an Ari sort of thing to say. Do you get what I mean. A lot of times I'll be at a standstill for days with one of my fics because I'm trying to come up with the perfect phrasing or word, or else I'd try to suggest something myself. It could work out better if you tried a bit more build up to Ari's request. I guess it just seemed very sudden, is what I'm trying to get at here. Well, hope to see you more in the future—though I write for the Obsidian Trilogy and the Enduring Flame series. ^_^ Both are Mercedes Lackey though so you never know.