Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-16

oh wow. this was intense... it was short, but powerful.
I like how sky couldnt abandon him... I mean shes always saying how shes cold. Or maybe I say it- but shes not.
She really cares for him and that makes it sooo much more tragic.
Once again she instinctively goes in to that protective mode. I guess its a woman thing. I mean she wouldnt take his picture when his pants came down and she didnt want pete filming him at his worst either. Its a real emotion and you captured it well.
I liked how you portrayed the guys as all like,,, like they werent bothered by the scene, Like not emotionally bothered by it. like they just picked him up like nothing, like it was normal and maybe it was but I liked how much it hurt sky to see that. And maybe that makes me sick but i liked it.
It made her real to me. and it also shows how the guys are numb to it! like its been going on so long that theyre numb to it and that makes me.
And I can totally feel skys pain, seeing him hurt like that and not wanting to watch. its a lot of pressure on her to be the one...
makes me think like how in the movie the matrix when they tell him like youre the one and he got all freaked out... like thats alot to put on someone...its not fair and she ran off!!! bah. somethings never change/

Author's response

Well I totally get her running away, I mean the dude was supposed to be out of it and then he goes around squeezing shit!