Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-17

gerard squeezed her hand, does that mean he heard what she said? i'ts understandable that she freaked but i have to say i'm glad he heard. although he might not remember it the day after since he was on the verge of passing out. or he was already passed out and the squeexe was just some weird reflex. like when babies squeeze your finger when they get the chance to grab it. i don't know. i just wish he heard it. i love it how frankies there for skyler. you've really pictured frank well. okay i don't know him personally but this is exactly how i see frankie. how i imagine him to be. he's not just a clown, even though he's pretty much of a hilarious guy. he's there for her and he is quite damn smart. he doesn't say much when it comes to serious tihngs but he says enough. i think he's handleing all this very well, supporting skyler and probably gerard too, even though he didn't choose "camp Way". i just really like the way frank has been more involved in the last few chapters. maybe ray and bob could step in to the picture too? on the other hand, it's good you don't bring 'em all in at the same time.. it'd get too.. messy. frank's and sunshine's friendship has gone to another level i think. it's deeper. i understand the things mikey said, he had a point but i still sort of wanna kick his ass for not being there for skyler. he's really really taking sides. it's either or for him. why can't he be there for both of them? that way he could try to talk some sense in to both skyler and gerard. make thme understand each other. it's a dirty and a hard job ofcourse but since these too stubborn bastards can't seem to talk to each other face to face and straighten things up, well.. they could just use a little help. but yet again, tihngs aren't that easy in real life either and people aren't perfect and you've pictured it very well.
skyler chain smolking. that little detail makes you understand that all this is really taking a toll on her. i sure hope she doesn't start drinking. or cutting. or anything like that. skyler's so bad at dealing with things, and when there's a lot of shit going on she really has me concerned.
god, i talk about her as if she was a real person=)

Author's response

That's how I picture Frank too, I mean people think he's a cartoon character with no other emotion other then the urge to make them laugh and I imagine that he's really a sensitive funny guy underneath all these tattoos, he can be serious and angry and all that jazz.

As for Mikey, that was hard to write to tell you the truth, when I started writing he was supposed to be the perfect best friend you know? The friend everyone wish they could have that says the right things and do the right stuff but that would've made him unbelievable. He's diversal, he has friends and his brother who he cares about and all that.

That last comment made my heart flutter...Like how you said you were talking about Sky as though she was real and that just made me all yay...Cause I see it as a complement to my writing skills to make people see beyond like the words and kinda compare her to themselves or to their friends, like to fit her in their environment and judge her based on their human standards and not just as character.
I don't know if I made much sense after 'flutter' but basically I'm completely yay!