Review for Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

(#) dialectically_yours1 2007-12-17

I've ended up reading quite a few of your stories now, but THIS ONE had me rolling with laughter at certain points. THANK YOU for this!

There's a bit too much 'adult' humor to let my kids read this, which is a shame, but I will say the boys have picked up "Your mother sells at cost," as an insult between them.

In my own defense: I DO NOT! (roflm*o!)

Actually, this shows that the whole family are becoming fans of your work, so KEEP WRITING.

Author's response

- You should never allow any child to read any of my drek, that would surely amount to child abuse.

- It seemed to me that in a mercantile culture like the Goblins (at least how they are routinely portrayed in fanon, as opposed to the psychotic thieves of the last book of canon) accusing one's mother of selling at cost would be the height of insults.

- Thank you for your kind words.