Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-18

i have no words to describe this chapter. oh, one word: melancholly. i'm sure i spellt it wrong though=] but i'm not a native english speaker so i hope you forgive me lol.. explains a lot, doesn't it, that's why it's so damn hard to put my thoughts in to words. english words.

it was sort of like skyler trying squeeze up everything she had experienced. and it wasn't exactly jolly. the chapter was amazing but it was terribly sad, i can't believe she was disappointed she was still alive. i get it though, she feels like she's losing everything. she's losing control. and you know how falling in love with gerard was sort of a turning point in her life, now that she's lost him i bet she feels like she's back to her 'old' life. back to being no one, back to feeling unloved. and the way billy didn't show up couldn't have helped. i feel like billy didn't ditch her on purpose, though. something must've happened.

Author's response

Nah I always get what you're saying.
I think that you're right about how this is another turning point in her life, how before they hooked up she felt unloved and how now that gerard's gone she's back to point zero.

Like no matter how dysfunctional they were, they kept each other sane.
He was there for her so he gave her the support she never got from home, that's why she didn't know how to handle it.
And in her selfish manner she was kinda helping him cause he was afraid she's dump him so he tried to be the best he could be or her.
Now, however, everything pretty much went to shit.

kiitos for the review!