Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Teresa 2007-12-18

Chuckle....... I loved seeing Harry hit Dumbles with that clue by four via the Brotherhood and Hermione. Dumbles really deserved that! Awwww poor Snape and Malfoy! No doubt they wish they'd never come to Osiris's attention! And Brother Cobra is coming! Will he guest lecture in DADA and show up Lockhart big time? Then again, a grandmother with a stritct attitude could outteach Lockhart.....maybe Madam Longbottom should also visit the school! I like seeing how Hermione and Harry have taken Luna under their wing. I always felt that both Hermione and Luna would have been very good friends before the DA if they'd been in contact earlier. It's also nice to see Filch getting along well with Harry, Hermione and Luna as well as the Brotherhood and company. It's also good to see Osisris and Tutmoses seriously considering what's going on via the basilisk and tying it to Harry's gift and the vampire's better hearing. Hopefully the whole "Heir of Slytherin" nonsense can be stopped quickly. Since Osiris knew Slytherin, will he consider that he might have left papers and other things in the school? After all, many of the Brotherhood have come from cultures that were big on hidden rooms and secret passages. And if the Brotherhood hears about what happened 50 years earlier they would have a clue to the mystery. As always you have written a great chapter, and I can't wait for the meetings between Brother Cobra and Dumbles, Snape, Malfoy and Lockhart! Hmmmmm....with luck Pomfrey has laid in a store of restorative potions! Fainting fits might be in the futures of those four when Brother Cobra shows up! Thanks for the story!

Author's response

Osiris didn't know Slytherin, in fact, he hadn't been in Europe since around the year 48. The Brotherhood had also left Western Europe before Hogwarts was founded. So far, I've kept the violence off-screen, but that should change at some point.