Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-18

okay first why do I get a lame one sentence authors note reply and cranium gets like a fucking paragraph?! lol. Are you getting tired of talking to me?? Running out of shit to say? Ah! Im teasing. But I am a teensy bit jealous... Shes hogging all your love! (I told you Im the jealous type!) lol.
So on with my review-
Is it wrong I feel more for Billy then Sky? Like Im so freaking worried for him now! (He could be off growing a beard somewhere!) I tease, but Im serious... If hes in somekinda trouble he may not have a razor with him... or he may have a razor with him which could mean trouble too.... bah! My poor billy!
I feel for sky too. I totally agree with cranium on that. It was such a sad chapter. totally mirrors my mood today. (So whats up with all the jokes then? I dunno. Something I picked up from some chic, pretending to be happy and making jokes to cover the sadness...) Thats what was missing from this chapter btw. And it was beautiful. Such raw emotion from Sky not being hidden behind jokes and witty observations... Makes it that much more painful... I think it was perfect representation of how far shes come.. Its that moment where you look deep inside yourself and theres no room for jokes, just raw pain.
makes me wanna take a bath but I wont cause I dont know that I would come up for air like sky did.

And as for robxmcr-
he says. (fuck you know people probably think Im crazy! that like I have multiple personalities! But I dont! hes just too lazy to make an account) And I know you dont want to hear shit from him cause youre still mad but a reviews a review so just take it. (and stop with the eyerolling)
He says- hes got some more lyrics for you. (oooh pretty I like these) mmm from GNR estranged.
"And now that you've been broken down Got your head out of the clouds
you're back down on the ground and you don't talk so loud and you don't walk so proud anymore, and what for"
He says that thats 'sky' shes got her pride, she left the motherfucker and what for? shes got nothing now.

Hmmm, I dont know that I agree. I mean Sky is a strong 'bird'. (that means girl for all you americans -lol). I think she can stand on her own. I know she can. I think she'll be okay. Whats gonna hurt is watching G from a distance. Wanting to help but not being able to. And whats gonna happen when they come home??? I mean is she gonna move before he gets back? She might. I mean its easy to yell 'divorce' but hard to pack shit up and go through with it...
bah. I dont know. I wanna say more but I dont wanna fill the whole page... theres plenty of room so if anyone else wants to leave a review -PLEASE DO!!!
reviews are love.

Author's response

I knew it! No matter what shit Billy's up to you'll always like him more but that's OK since Skyler is not the jealous type lol.
But yeah as I said before it's the breaking point and she's too sad for jokes or anything more then being hurt.

but these lyrics really cut deep which I'm sure RobXmcr would love but he's right, that's how she feels right now. I mean imagine how it's like to define your whole being by someone else and then walk away, that's painful.