Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Vanir 2007-12-18

grinning widely
That little piece of wizarding sophistry at the end was a thing of beauty.
I'm a little concerned, though. If things go smoothly for Harry, doesn't the story pretty much die?

Also, Ginny needs a hand. Feel free to be inspired by my fic for the placement of said hand. re-grins


Author's response

Yes, the story could. So, we have Barty with Voldie, so that should throw a spanner in things being TOO easy, and we have a faction of the Brotherhood, which had run the group for most of the last 2 centuries and whose agenda had been growing for over 1000 years on the outs with current policy.

Hopefully I can do something with that without having CAPLOCK!Harry of book 5, wussy/Harry of book six, or passive/Harry of book 7.