Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) Terdwilicker 2007-12-18

This story is interesting in its reversals. I'm curious to see the difference in Sirius (Siriana), Remus (Reana), Jamie and Louis. Will they retain their basic strengths as well as personalities? Thus Harri's father was the most gifted wizard of his generation, good at charms and ancient runes, whereas Harri's mother was an arrogant prankster aristocrat who got smitten with some muggleborn wizard? Are the elves reverse gendered too? What will it be like rooming with Seamus and Dean, now that they're girls? And what about Luciana Malfoy? While she saunter and preen on about Blood Purity and manners?

Author's response

- Other than some of the names, yes.