Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) anonmg1 2007-12-19

Another great chapter to an amusing work. Just a few minor things to point out (not real problems, just little details):

1 - You left out one possibility for the origin of Hermione's name, even though Harry might not know about it. Hermione is also the name of an island in the Aegean, and there is that custom that some follow about naming children after the place of conception. Maybe nothing, but it's a thought.

2 - The Knight Bus. In this Universe, shouldn't it be the Daym Bus. I know I spelled Dame wrong, but whatever.

3 - It didn't happen often, but you sometimes still referred to the characters using the standard Potterverse's pronouns. Not often, but it was enough to be a little confusing at times.

That's all the nit-picking for now.

Great new fic, quite funny. Reverse gender roles are hysterical! "Satyromania?" How do you come up with this stuff? And Melanie's reaction: so Harry is like this world's version of a dominatrix? HA, HA, and a good deal more HAs.

Author's response

- I didn't know there was an Island named Hermione... Have to find it on Google Earth, my favorite time waster.

- Good point. I'll think about that for future use.

- Yeah, I spend a lot of time correcting pronouns on this fic. Sorry, guess I've missed a few.

- Nah, not a Dominatrix, but an agressive male. Not unheard of in this culture, but unusual.